Mudra Crafts Sitatapatra Tibetan Prayer Flags Make Your Own Printing Block – DIY Prayer Flags Making Kit with Blank Prayer Flags - Large 7 Inches Nepalese Prayer Flags DIY Kit


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Have you been impressed with the Tibetan Buddhist items you've seen in Himalayan areas? Do you feel that Tibetan products have a unique charm differentiating them from mass produced merchandise? This prayer flag printing kit will enable you to create your own prayer flags in the comfort of your home. The hand carved printing block from Nepal and is exactly what the artisans use to create prayer flags in Himalayan regions. The printing process is as simple as brushing the ink on top of the printing block and pressing it on the blank prayer flags included. The blank prayer flags have five colors that represent Pancha Bhoota, the five elements. The prayer flags are designed to slowly fray and disintegrate in the wind as with all things in life. As the fabric is released back into the universe tradition calls for flags to be replaced with new ones signifying new life, new hope and new vitality. Authentic large Tibetan flags are typically hung outdoors on trees, mountain tops, and in spiritual gardens, or pavilions. Himalayan prayer flags also serve as beautiful indoor decorations that release positive vibes, good intentions, and serenity into your home, business, office, alter room, yoga, or meditation studio. With this prayer flag making kit, you will be able to make thoughtful gifts for those who are interested in Buddhist philosophy, yoga, and meditation practices.

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