Mudra Crafts Set of 7 Copper Brass Yoga Meditation Altar Tibetan Buddhist Supplies Offering Bowls


Color: Solid Brass
Size: 2.25 Inches
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Called Dintsar in Tibetan, offering bowls are commonly used in Tibetan temples, shrines, and home altars and filled with offerings every morning as a way of collecting merit and virtue. They can hold different substances such as rice, fruits, yak butter, salt, ghee, water, flowers, incense, cinnamon powder, herbs, quartz crystals, or other stones. In Tibetan religious belief, water is considered to be plentiful and free. Water offering, called yonchap in Tibetan, will cultivate generosity and reduce selfishness and greed. Whether you have a yoga, meditation, or solitary altar, this set of bowls with gorgeous accents and trim will be an eye catching focal piece. They are great for anyone attempting practice in a confined area.

About this item

  • TRADITIONAL- 7 bowls; Made from brass copper alloy
  • VERSATILE- Offering bowls, altar accessories, incense burners, or jewelry holders
  • WELL CONSTRUCTED- Sturdy and stable; Doesn’t tip easily, even when full
  • PORTABLE- Light weight; Easy to store

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