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Were you impressed with the beauty of Nepal prayer flags in the Himalayan area? Do you feel that Tibetan Buddhist prayer flags have the unique charm that differentiate them from mass produced pennant banners? These windhorse prayer flags made in Tibet camp in Nepal are what you are looking for. Made from thicker and better-quality cotton material, this set of Tibetan prayer flags cotton lasts longer and allows you to enjoy their peaceful vibe in the comfort of your home. Traditional Tibetan spiritual prayer flags are crafted with frayed edges and loose threads on purpose. The gradual disintegration of each Buddhist prayer flag represents spreading and transfer of goodwill into all-pervading space on earth, and signifies new life, new hope and new vitality. The blank Tibetan prayer flags have five colors that represent Pancha Bhoota, the five elements. Nepali prayer flags, Bhutan prayer flags, and Tibetan windhorse flags are hung on mountain paths, temples, stupas, sacred places, and pilgrimage sites to bring happiness, good karma, longevity, and prosperity. No matter whether you use himalayan prayer flags for decoration or internal peace purposes, this prayer flag kit will be a unique addition to your space. These handmade prayer flags can also serve as a beautiful indoor decoration that release positive vibes, good intentions, and serenity into a home, business, office, alter room, yoga, or meditation studio. Traditional boho prayer flags like these make thoughtful gifts for those who are interested in Buddhist philosophy, yoga, and meditation practices.

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