Mudra Crafts Large Tibetan Prayer Flags Outdoor Large Lungta - Nepalese Prayer Flags - Prayer Flag Banner Affirmation Flags in English

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Most Tibetan prayer flags are crafted with frayed edges and loose threads on purpose. The gradual disintegration of each flag represents spreading and transfer of goodwill into all-pervading space on earth. This set of durable cotton prayer flags is made from thicker and better-quality cotton and will be able to last longer and allow you to enjoy delectable peaceful ambiance without a hitch. All colorful flags are sewed on one ribbon for easy hanging and the banners are neatly rolled to negate the need of ironing.

This set of prayer flags with vibrant beautiful colors is printed with auspicious symbols, mantra prayers, chakras, Buddhas, lungta, or affirmation messages to promote peace, compassion, strength, and wisdom. Tibetans hang them on mountain paths, temples, stupas, sacred places, and pilgrimage sites to bring happiness, good karma, longevity, and prosperity. No matter whether you use prayer flags for decoration or internal peace purposes, this set of colorful banners will be a unique addition to your space.

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