Mandala Crafts Welt Cord, Polyester Cotton Piping Filler for Drapery, Pillow, Upholstery, Trimming, Sewing, Crafting


Color: Black
Size: 1/4 Inch or 6mm, 20 Yards
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This roll of piping cord is made from polyester and cellulose cotton. Compared to natural cotton welt cords, it not only has better firmness but also is less water absorbent. The welt is soft to the touch and able to maintain its shape well because of the cellulose encasing. Whether you use it for interior projects in your home and auto, or outdoor patio furniture to trim, upholster, or reupholster, this roll of welt cord will definitely give your final products a professional look.

The applications of this flexible cord are versatile. It can easily create straight, curved edges, or nice corners. It can also be used in clothing or handbag designs. The long and bulk packaging will make it last for several DIY projects and suitable for commercial purpose such as interior design.

  • Pipe cording made from braided polyester covered cellulose cotton fiber; Washable and less moisture absorbent than natural cotton; Free of fraying
  • Semi-firm; Pliable and soft but holds shape well; Continuous and consistent; Single rope
  • Compatible with fabric, leather, or vinyl to edge pillows, marine and automobile seat cushions, valances, quilts, draperies, or furniture such as sofas and chairs; Suitable for indoor and outdoor uses
  • Wholesale cordage; 20 yd or 60-foot long; Convenient packaging on a spool for easy dispensing and reusing

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