Mandala Crafts Wedding Garters for Bride – Rhinestone Wedding Garter Belt Set for Wedding - Lace Bridal Garters for Bride


Color: Gold-white
Size: Large
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Do you worry that your jeweled bride wedding garter will slide down your leg? Or that a single wedding garter will leave you without a keepsake garter for your sweet memories? This garter set for wedding is the answer. Made from soft elastic lace material and a rubber lining, this classic and vintage garter for bride with exquisite craftsmanship and bling is comfortable to wear and will not accidentally slide down. This garters for bride set comes with two lace wedding garters so you can use one for the bridal garter toss and the other one for a keepsake garter. This sexy garter for wedding will go with most wedding gowns, and stay flat and in place on your thigh. With these garter belts for wedding day, you are completely covered and prepared for your big day. The lace wedding garter for bride is the perfect weight to stay put and it is light enough to throw with ease. The soft material on this bride garter belt for bride will not irritate your skin and is comfortable to wear. This brides garter belt for wedding is also customizable and can be easily decorated with sequins, beads, or ribbons. This elegant and sparkly bride garter for wedding day is the perfect accessory for your special day.

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