Unfinished Natural Wood Rings Kit for Crafts, Macramé, Knitting, Wooden Jewelry Making, Pack of 50 (Natural, 1.2 1.5 2 2.3 2.75 Inches)


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This pack of unpainted wooden circle ring beads is made from genuine wood. The natural grains and wood smell give these rustic wood rings an organic touch. No need to go to a craft store and dig for round wood hoops in different sizes. This assortment of untreated round wood circles in mixed sizes will have you covered and give you hours of fun. The porous and smooth surface makes it easy to paint or decorate with dyes, markers, or food coloring. To darken the color is as simple as putting some olive oil on the surface. The smooth surface is free of splinters and no extra sanding is needed.

The applications of these wood rings are only limited by your imagination. For jewelry making hobbyists, these beads are hard-to-find accessories to make into pendant necklaces, earrings, bracelets, teething necklaces, or jewelry connectors. The large rings in the lot are handy to make napkin rings or embellish wreaths. The untreated bead surface gives it a rustic look and will add a bohemian touch to purses or sandals. For DIY crafters, these wooden beads are handy to make into keychains, baby books and grabbing toys, charms, lanyards, or even bird toys.

  • Round wooden O ring kit made from real untreated raw wood; Solid, durable, and sturdy; Smoothly sanded and splinter-free; Will not irritate skin; Unprocessed, unvarnished, and non-waxed; BPA and lead-free; Odorless and non-toxic; Paintable and customizable;
  • Great for jewelry making, crocheting, knitting, macramé, decorating, and DIY crafting for adults and children; Easy to make into necklaces, bracelets, earrings, jewelry connectors, baby teethers, curtain and drapery rings, napkin rings, plant hangers, bird toys, and ornaments;
  • Bulk wholesale supplies; Five sizes: 30mm (1.2 inches), 40mm (1.5 inches), 50mm (2 inches), 60mm (2.3 inches), and 70mm (2.75 inches); 10 pieces for each size; Total: 50 pieces; Thickness: 15mm for 50mm, 60mm, and 70mm rings; 10mm for 30mm and 40mm rings;
  • Easy to paint, glue, stain, or embellish; Consistent shape and size;

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