Mandala Crafts Triangle Ring Picture Hangers – Picture Hanger with Screws D Hooks for Picture Hanging - D Rings Picture Frame Hangers 200 Set


Color: Black
Size: 1 X 5/8 Inches
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Have you ever gone to a hardware store looking for reasonable picture hanging hooks and came home empty handed? Is it frustrating when the free screws with your hangers turn out to be completely useless? This substantial picture hanging triangle d ring kit will not let you down. The ring loops are made from thick wire and have decent depth for flush mounting. More wire is wrapped inside the strap to make it truly heavy duty. The separately packed premium quality screws are easy to drill into wood, MDF board, corkboard, pressed paperboard, or even hard plastic. For homes, shops, or galleries, keep this handy picture hanging accessory set around to get the job done and the bulk quantity will last for several projects.

The hanger can be used individually or dually for wire hanging. It is compatible with a broad spectrum of surfaces. For hanging holiday decor, wreaths, or garden flower plates, the hangers will provide secure attachment. Keep this handy assorted kit around your home to make hanging photos, clocks, arts, and wall décor an easy job. For artists, framers, or gallery owners, this box of picture hangers will add a professional look to artwork.

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