Mandala Crafts Stainless Steel Ball Chain Necklace - Dog Tag Chain Necklace – Mens Dog Tag Necklace Chain Bead Chain for Military Brag Tags or Jewelry Making Pack of 20


Color: Silver
Size: 24 inches
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Are you tired of your necklace chain turning your neck green or the nickel plating on alloy chains losing their shiny color allowing the base metal to show through? This lot of heavy-duty ball chains made from 316 surgical stainless steel is the ultimate solution. Compared to plated metal or sterling silver chains which need regular polishing, these chains are sturdier and easier to maintain and customize.

For jewelry makers or hobbyists, these chains are handy to make jewelry pieces or replace broken chains. This chain works for men, women, adults, or youth. The simple, convenient, unisex, and old-fashioned design makes it almost universal and will match dainty, masculine, or hip-hop pendants, and army tags. The necklaces can even be connected and built into waist or body jewelry pieces.

These reliable and practical chains can withstand a lot of pressure and have many applications and uses. They can be used as lanyards to carry identification badges, whistles, medical alert IDs, or even flash drives. You can also make them into key chains or daily general hardware such as toilet flush valves, lights, and fan pull chains. Cut the chains short and group several together to form tassels to decorate your house. The chains can even be used as hanging tags for medals, flashlights, or class brag tags for teachers.

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