Mandala Crafts Split Key Ring with Chain Kit - Keychain Rings with Open Jump Rings for Keychains - Keychain Kit with Screw Eye Pins for Resin Keychain Crafts 0.6" to 1.2mm 300 PCs

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Did your incomplete resin keychain kit make you scout for missing keychain jump ring connectors? For a keychain maker, a comprehensive key chain kit with all necessary keychain parts is a necessity. This make-your-own keychain pack is exactly what you need. The key ring with chain, key jump ring, and eye pin kit with almost all necessary keyring parts is easy to work with for assembling beautiful one-of-a-kind works. From arts and crafts to DIY resin keychains to gift making, these solid and reliable key chains for crafts will have you covered. This all-encompassing keychain making kit comes with different size split rings for keychains, keychain jump rings, and screw eyes for keychains for constructing wide-ranging styles of keychains by easily adding keychain attachment ornaments. Pairing well with different fabrics, charms, and hardware, these key chain rings for crafts can help you make your own keychains with ease. With ample supply and a handy variety of findings, this diy key chains rings kit is sure to meet your keychain making needs and last multiple projects. This ready-made keychain ring with chain kit makes attaching trinkets a breeze. Simply connect the keychain open jump ring to the chain link and add decorations such as tags, car keys, pom poms, or wire-wrapped gems. This key chains rings kit even has eye pins for keychains to attach items that are more difficult to link such as resin, models, and figurines. The key chain making kit will instantly add personality to wallets, purses, lanyards, and luggage. Whether you are a craft hobbyist or professional keychain maker, this keychain craft kit organized in a compartmentalized container is a must-have!

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