Mandala Crafts Single Fold Bias Tape for Sewing – 55 Yards Bias Tape Single Fold 1/2 inch for Hemming Piping – Bias Binding Tape for Quilt Binding Seam Binding


Color: 10 Assorted Colors
Size: 1/2 Inch 18X10 Yards
Sale price$19.99
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Have you ever been bogged down by the tedious work of making your own bias tape? This single bias tape is precisely what you need. With two edges folded towards the middle with a small gap for easy installation, this soft biased tape gracefully goes through straight lines and curved motifs and yields a pucker-free look. Packed carefully in a roll, the flexible sewing bias tape without wrinkles is easy to cut and sew by hand or machine. The installation is as simple as ironing, aligning, and sewing. From finishing raw edges to creating a contrast color or accent trimming, this bias tape trim can do it all. The material is soft to the touch and can easily match to different fabric and leather. With the long packing length, the bias tape sewing trim will last several projects. For seaming to add a pop of color, this fabric bias tape yields a clean and polished look. For professional garment manufacture, binding the edge with bias tape is more cost effective and eliminates the need for facings and linings such as for sewing shirt or coat necklines and armhole edges. The bias trim can easily create seams or ties for nightgowns, jackets, jumpsuits, bodice attire and even doll clothing. The pliable bias ribbon with vibrant color is also great to make button loops, zipper pulls, clothing straps, or drawstrings. No matter whether it is to match the fabric color or adding a contrasting tone, the bias tape instantly catches the eye. To accentuate quilts, bedding sets, blankets, and place mats, this spool of polyester binding tape will add structure and a chic flare. Add piping cord inside pillowcases, sofas, and chairs to create stylish bias trim piping. The uses of this bias tape are so versatile that it can also be used to edge a badge reel to make it truly stand out.

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