Rubber Grommet Kit Eyelet Ring Rubber Gasket Assortment - 170 Rubber Plugs for Holes Wiring Automotive Plumbing Electrical Firewall Cable Wire

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Have you ever stopped to look for a firewall rubber grommet that is the right size in the middle of a project? Have you had a missing rubber cable grommet where the metal begins to cut into the cable? This rubber grommet set in assorted sizes is just what you need. Made from tough dense rubber, the small rubber grommets have just the right amount of cushion and support to shield wires from rough or sharp edges and rims. This rubber grommet pack includes rubber wire grommets to insulate wires and airtight rubber cable hole plug grommets to seal unused holes. Unlike one-sided split rubber grommets, these round rubber grommet eyelets are remarkably secure and provide even protection on both sides. Not only are the wire and cable gasket grommets flexible for quick and easy installation but they also protect cables from rain, dust, and debris. With this rubber grommet assortment kit, you can cover small holes of nearly any size in any material. For homes, this rubber hole grommet kit is wonderful for improving the look of your installations, plugging old holes, and restoring radios, lamps, vacuums, or pianos. From installing ceiling fixtures to plumbing, this rubber gasket kit will have you covered. For automotive wiring projects, these cord grommet rubber eyelets are used in trailers, tractors, and vehicles for setting up ACs, headlights, or hydraulic systems. For golfcarts, they can be used as rubber windshield grommets to prevent vibration. For boats, the snug rubber grommet hole plugs hold up to water and waste. The uses of this assorted rubber grommets kit are so versatile, they can even be used for custom PC builds.

- Rubber grommets kit made from soft thick rubber; Durable and sturdy; Malleable rubber hole plugs; Weather, heat, and tear-resistant; Fit for indoor and outdoor use; Will not crack or come loose; Non-flammable; Non-toxic; Easy to install and slice.

- Rubber grommet kit for wiring, cord, line, and cable to prevent from abrasion, chafing, grazing, and short circuiting; Car rubber grommets to reduce vibration, seal spoilers, and protect different under-the-hood and body wirings; Automotive rubber firewall grommet to keep smoke, dirt, fumes from entering the cockpit.

- Rubber grommets kit for firewalls, floorboards, machines, pianos; Rubber plumbing grommet for hoses, water pipes, and faucets; Rubber electrical grommets for appliances, pc hardware, pumps, electronics, ceiling fans, or alarms; Hole rubber grommet for metalwork.

- Rubber automotive grommets for cars, golfcarts, motorcycles, trucks, RVs, SUVs, ATVs, trailers, and tractors; Marine rubber grommet for boats; Wire rubber grommet compatible with plastic, carbon fiber, and steel, copper, or aluminum metal.

- Rubber grommet assortment bulk wholesale pack; Rubber hole grommet kit in different styles and sizes; Total: 170 PCs; Grommet rubber kit with hole grommets and no-hole rubber hole plugs; 50pcs x 0.28”, 40pcs x 0.38” ,30pcs x 0.48”,20pcs x 0.63” ,10pcs x 0.75”, 10pcs x 0.88”, 10pcs x 1”.


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