Rough Service Light Bulbs 60-Watt Light Bulbs Dimmable E26 A19 Bulb Pack of 6 - Incandescent Light Bulbs 60 Watt Soft White


Color: Clear
Size: 60 Watts
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Is it frustrating when even slight shaking can break the filament in your incandescent lightbulb? This set of 60 watt rough service light bulbs is the answer. From subtle vibrations to trembling, these 60 watt soft white light bulbs with heavy-duty filaments are designed to stay tight, firm, and sound. Unlike traditional dimmable incandescent light bulbs, these rough service incandescent light bulbs with fortified filaments can take some abuse. These incandescent rough service light bulbs illuminate a stunning warm glow that is gentle on the eyes for comfortable reading, cooking, and lounging. The 60w incandescent bulbs pair wonderfully with a variety of appliances and devices. Fit for home or business, this pack of 60 watt dimmable bulbs is designed to impress. The filaments in the 60watt light bulbs can withstand constant or abrupt movement, perfect for placing in numerous locations and fixtures in and around the home in ceiling fans, string lights, lanterns, chandeliers, or even a garage door. This a19 light bulb pack is convenient to keep around house for kitchens, bathrooms, game rooms, and porches or patio light replacements. For businesses, these 130v 60w light bulbs produce pleasant lighting and a comfortable atmosphere in stores, salons, or boutiques. Not only do these sleek incandescent a19 bulbs look great but they also offer illumination to help customers to see the real color of merchandise. The uses of these 60watt incandescent light bulbs are so versatile that they can even be used as heat bulbs for reptiles.

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