Mandala Crafts Rondelle Spacer Beads for Jewelry Making – Faceted Rhinestone Beads Crystal Rondelle Beads for Jewelry Making Bracelet Necklace


Color: Gold Tone Metal Crystal
Size: 6mm
Sale price$6.99
In stock


Are you wondering how professional jewelers make their plain jewelry pop? Have you noticed the huge difference a little bit of bling can make to your DIY design? This set of sparkly spacer beads could be the secret. These eye-catching rondelle beads are made from metal and faceted crystal glass rhinestone beads. The faceted diamond like beads are securely mounted and evenly spread.

For bracelet, anklet, or necklace jewelry making, these nifty spacers will instantly add the perfect touch and raise the overall presence by several notches. Whether you are wearing fashion jewelry, costume jewelry, or even diffuser jewelry, this set of shiny rondelle beads will dress it up with elegance. The glittering beads are also great for beading and crafting and can be used to make sun catchers or ornaments.

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