Mandala Crafts Ribbon Clamps for Jewelry Making – Ribbon End Crimps - Fold Over Pinch Crimp Ends Ribbon Clasps for Bookmark Pinch Bracelet Choker Necklace


Color: Six Assorted Colors
Size: 3mm 10mm
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Do you find it tedious to hunt for jewelry clasps and jump rings before starting each jewelry making project? Is it embarrassing when some metal ribbon clamps turn your neck green? This set of ribbon jewelry clasps and closures is the answer. Made from lead and nickel-free metal in most common color tones, this set of ribbon clamps for jewelry making will not irritate the skin and is easy to match to a variety of jewelry findings made from sterling silver, gold, rose gold metal, or stainless steel. The top loop of the cord end allows for attaching to jump rings or other connectors. With the pliable metal and pointy teeth with great hold, the installation of the ribbon crimps for jewelry making is as easy as a simply pinching the ends with a pair of flat nose plier or by hand.

For jewelers or beading hobbyists, the ribbon end kit for jewelry has everything you need to make most jewelry. No matter whether they are being used as bracelet clamps or earring clamps for jewelry making, these end clamps for jewelry making can handle any application with ease. The end crimps for jewelry making are perfect for multi-strand bracelets, corded necklaces, multiple string wristbands, Brazilian bracelets, friendship bracelets, cuffs, and charms. For beadwork with small beads such as seed beads, these fold over crimp closures are a must-have in jewelry end clamps. The ribbon crimp clasp kit is also great for DIY crafting, bookbinding, journal and notebook creating, and resin or kid craft projects. The ribbon clamp adds a professional finish to ribbon and velvet bookmarks. The uses of these ribbon end caps are so versatile that it can even be used to create a waist belt.

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