Mandala Crafts Reusable Organic Cotton Produce Bags for Refrigerator – Muslin Bags with Drawstring – Cotton Drawstring Bags for Shopping Storage Vegetable Bread Gift 6 PCs

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Do you know we produce more than 150 million tons of plastic every year just for single-use purposes but it will last on the earth for several hundred years? Have you noticed your green leafy veggies such as cilantro only last couple days in a plastic bag? This pack of reusable produce bags with an organic and vegan touch will change your grocery shopping style and create zero waste. Made from thick woven muslin fabric with interior seams hemmed and free of fraying, this set of cotton produce bags is completely free of plastic. The breathable fabric absorbs a lot of the excess moisture and keeps green leafy and root vegetables fresh longer, herbs wilt slower, and baked goods and bread stay soft.

Compared to reusable mesh produce bags, these cloth bags are without leaks and have less of a chance to damage the vegetable. These are ideal shopping or storage bags for fruits, vegetables, onions, potatoes, or carrots. The tightly woven fabric is great for storing flour, powdered spices, nuts, beans, rice, seeds, oats, gains, and sugar. For baking hobbyists, the bags are handy to store your homemade baked goods. The uses are so versatile that the bags also make great gift bags, storage bags for toys and game controllers, dust bags for craft items, clothes, soaps, or sheets. Roll these vegetable bags up and slip them in your purse or keep them on hand in your car today! Next time when you go to the grocery store or farmer’s market, pull these out to make a statement and help protect our environment.

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