Mandala Crafts Replacement Light Bulbs for Scent Wax Warmer, Candle Melt, Fragrance Burner, Oil Diffuser, Lamp, E12,120v 40-Watt G16.5, 10 Pack


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Did the bulb in your favorite wax warmer burn out and you can’t find a replacement in a local hardware store? With our 40-watt and long-lasting lightbulbs on standby, you can easily replace a frizzed bulb and indulge in the delectable aroma again without a hitch. This box of Mandala Crafts light bulbs is convenient to keep on hand for your scent burners or general lighting fixtures requiring an E12 candelabra base. It is designed to provide even heat without over heating or under heating scented candle wax, tarts, and fragrant essence oil.

For scent wax warmers, candle melters, scented pot pitchers, tart burners, and oil air fresheners, the bulbs work perfectly to radiate plenty of heat and melt the fragrance. For large salt lamps, they will function like a champ and shed enough light to use as a night light. With the standard E12 base, these bulbs also fit shade lamps and other lighting fixtures made for candle type bulbs.

About the Fitness

Please measure for fit and check the voltage. Although the bulbs fit most full and large size warmers, it might not fit your specific gadget considering different designs and brands.

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