Mandala Crafts Quilting Cotton Thread Cone for Machine and Hand Sewing, 100 Percent Natural Mercerized, 50 wt


Color: Aquamarine
Size: 2 Rolls 2400 Yards
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This assortment of colored cotton floss thread is made from top quality 100% long staple cotton, which makes linting minimal and winding easy. The material is mercerized for a stronger and more lustrous finish. The smooth and well-constructed thread has a slight satin sheen which is not glossy. The variegated set with rich, vibrant, and nuanced colors blends in well with different fabric hues. This durable and thin thread adds an organic touch to your projects and is dependable. Although it is not as strong as polyester thread, the tension is great for cotton threads.

This affordable and sturdy thread spool set with ample yardage can compare to any top brands from head to toe. The thread is designed for quilting, sewing, embroidering, delicate crocheting, cross stitching, or even thread painting and art sketching. No matter whether you are a seasoned or professional quilter who does hand or machine quilting, this kit will be a perfect and essential addition to your collection. Once the tension is set correctly, it works great for free motion quilting or even long arm quilting. It spools evenly on the bobbin and moves smoothly through the sewing machine guides, making perfect stitches. It leaves little build-up of lint as long as the residual lint in your machine is removed before using.

The thread works well for top stitching and other decorative stitching with hand or machine. It is compatible with different needle sizes such as 12 or 14. The thread sews great through different materials such as fabric or even paper. For weaving, basting, and coat, blouse, pant, purse, lace, appliqué, bag, pot holder, or microwave bowl holder making, this thread will not let you down.

About this item

  • Fine thread made from 100 percent natural mercerized long staple cotton; Plastic cone;
  • All-purpose thread: Great for piecing, quilting, sewing, hemming, embroidering, thread painting, or even crocheting;
  • Compatible with almost all sewing machine spindles; Little linting; Microwavable; Consistent color and quality; Kink free;
  • Wholesale package: Length of each spool: 1200 yards; Total length: 2400 yards; Weight: 50 WT; 3 plies;

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