Mandala Crafts Plastic Lacing Cord Kit for Key Chains, Bracelets, Necklaces, Lanyards, Jewelry Making Rainbow 1.5mm


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Are you tired of seeing everyone in your family just stare at their cell phones? Do your kids have too much screen time? It is time to bring old-fashioned scoubidou crafting back! This roll of flat and supple plastic rope with vibrant neon colors will give adults and kids hours of fun. The surface of the cord is smooth but never slippery. The lacing cord is easy to twist and bind. The slight elasticity allows the cord to form tight and stable knots. The string is also compatible with a variety of beads such as pony beads. From crafting to beading, this roll of plastic strings can do it all.

The soft plastic cording fits little fingers very well and is a great kit to keep for camp, scouting, or school to teach children how to make boondoggles and keychains. It will for sure be a hit at the next birthday party and keep the children occupied.

The cord kit with nifty colors will inspire creativity in all ages and is suitable for both beginners and experienced crafters. For adults, it not only brings your nostalgic scoobie time back, but also creates a new hobby to create bonding time with family and friends. Jewelry, ornaments, key chains, novelty ornaments, decorative bottle wrapping, you can do it all! With wires inserted, you can even make lovely small vinyl figurines such as dragons, bridges, and even towers.

About this item

  • Plastic string gimp cord made from PVC; Non-toxic string plastic craft lace; Latex & lead-free craft plastic lacing string cord; Slightly stretchy plastic strings; Waterproof solid string plastic cord; Colorfast plastic lace cord; Odorless plastic cording
  • Thin plastic cord for crafts; Braiding plastic flat string; Plastic macrame cord; Plastic flat lace for bottle wrapping; Plastic craft string for weaving; Plastic keychain string for boondoggle keychain & key fob; Gimp plastic lace craft string for beading
  • DIY plastic lanyard string kit; String gimp plastic lacing cord for bracelets Scoubidou craft; Boondoggle kit for kids and adults; Assorted plastic gimp kit for birthday, camp, scout, school, church group craft activities
  • Plastic bracelet string for friendship bracelets; Plastic necklace string for jewelry making; Comfortable-to-the-touch flat plastic craft cord; Plastic bead string compatible with pony beads and other beads; Plastic lace craft string that is easy to cut, tie, and knot
  • Multicolored gimp string bulk pack; Gimp string plastic lacing cord kit with 10 rolls; 100 yards per gimp spool; 1000 Yds lacing cords; 0.5mm thick gimp cord; 1.5mm wide gimp plastic string; Vinyl boondoggle cord with continuous length

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