Mandala Crafts Open Eye Pins for Jewelry Making - Stainless Steel Head Pins for Making Jewelry - Bead Eye Pins for Earring Making Necklace Bracelet Clay Charms 30mm 40mm 50mm 600 PCs


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Do brass eye pins turn your neck green? Do you think sterling eye pins are too soft and easy to tarnish? These heavy-duty pin heads for jewelry making are the answer. Made from solid stainless steel, these long-lasting jewelry making head pins do not require constant polishing or lose the silver tone over time like many other lightweight jewelry findings pins. The head eye pins have the perfect combination of flexibility and sturdiness that is easy to bend with jewelry pliers and maintain the shape. The long eye pins are very easy to cut down to fit your bead size and easy to match to other jewelry materials such wire, cord, or string. These versatile silver eye pins make a great addition to your jewelry making and crafting stash. Compatible with various jewelry findings, this eye pin kit with ball eye pins, head pins, and open eye pins have almost all the connectors you need to create clay earrings, feather earrings, drop charms, and beaded chains. Making a loose bead into a pendant or charm is as easy as threading the eye needle pin through the bead hole, cutting down the pin, and making a loop to attach to other jewelry finding or cord. For beading hobbyists, these bead head pins help string up teeny beads. The metal eye pins can also be used as connectors for beaded chains. The eye head pins are also a great hypoallergenic eye pins for DIY crafting. From creating zipper pulls to Christmas ornaments, these DIY eye pins can do it all. The uses of the eye pin findings are so versatile that they can even be used as reset pin tool for cell phones.

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