Mandala Crafts Mini-Spool Sewing Thread Kit – Spun Polyester Thread for Sewing - Sewing Thread Assortment Sewing Threads for Hand Sewing 30 Color Thread Set 20 x 30 Yards


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Did you miss a specific color of thread in the middle of a mending project? Do you wish you could just get a thread sampler instead of a huge sewing thread spool for a small project? This polyester sewing thread pack with assorted thread colors is the answer. The durable thread is easy to thread and without catching, kinking. knots, snapping, and tangling. The colored sewing thread has a polyester core for higher tensile strength and will not break easily. The thread feeds through needles and sewing machines smoothly and evenly. The small thread spools with a variety of basic colors are handy to match with different materials. These sewing spools of thread make a great thread color set to add to your colorful thread collection. Compared to a full reel of cone thread, this poly thread spool is much more compact which allows for easy storage and travel. No matter whether it is being used as mending thread, button thread, or tailoring thread, this all purpose sewing thread assorted pack has you covered. No need to run to the store when you’re in need of a quick buttonhole repair. This sewing thread bulk pack with 30 mixed beautiful and earthy shades will match various colored and patterned fabric like a pro. This multicolored sewing thread for hand sewing with basic primary colors can almost fit your every need for hand sewing or small machine sewing projects. The multi colored thread works with a variety of materials such as cotton, wool, canvas, flannel, and synthetic fabric. Ideal for any regular sewing project, this color thread for sewing can be used to patch clothing items or seam upholstery, drapery, and quilts. The polyester sewing thread kit is also handy to keep around for regular sewing needs such as sewing badges, buttons, miniatures, or masks

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