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Color: Gold Tone
Size: 6 Inches 10 PCs
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Are you frustrated that your macramé rings or dreamcatcher centerpieces give up on you during the crafting process? Do you feel it is hard to find metal circle hoops that are lightweight with great tension? This kit of metal rings could be the answer. No matter whether you plan to use it as dream catcher rings, macramé crafting hoops, or wire wreath hoops, this set of sturdily welded metal circle rings will not disappoint you. The rings have great tensile strength and are able to handle and sustain most macramé and crafting projects.

Compared to rattan, wood, or bamboo hoops, this kit is much sturdier and rotting free. With feathers, suede, and some waxed cord, you are ready make your own dreamcatchers to impress your friends and family. The rings made from strong alloy metal construct a centerpiece for dreamcatchers. The rest of creating process is just to web the cord and tie the decorations on. The sturdy wire circle is also an ideal frame to make floral wreaths and other home decor. For macramé hobbyists, whether you are using it as macramé rings or creating plant hangers, the rings will not let you down.

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