Mandala Crafts Low Wattage Light Bulbs for Night Light, Sign, Clock, Indicator, Cabinet, G40, S11, 7.5 W, E26 Base, 6 Pack


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These low wattage light bulbs work like charms if you do not need a lot of light but just enough. From night lights, signs, to driveway markers, these hard to find lightbulbs with low wattage will have you covered. The reduced wattage is perfect for maintaining a reduced light source through during the night and are also an inexpensive security option.

The bulbs with dim and ambient glow are the perfect night light bulbs, which will make you feel safe and are dim enough to use while you sleep. For light up clocks and signs such antique advertising clocks, these small bulbs will not overheat and will fit many styles of clock. As lightbulbs for china cabinets, the bulbs give just the right amount of light to show off crystal and china at a very low energy cost. As general light bulbs for indoor, patio uses or lamp bulb replacements, they exceed typical bulbs in quality and longevity.

About this item

  • Clear incandescent low wattage light bulbs- will fit a regular standard light socket base; Soft white light; Overheating free and dimmable;
  • Great for nightlights, signs, light-up clocks, indicators, candelabras, driveway markers, or china cabinets;
  • Quantity: 6 bulbs; S11 lumen; G40; 110v to 130V; 7 ½ Watt; Life span: 1500 hours;
  • Individually packed;

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