Mandala Crafts Leather Stitching Pony Horse, Leathercraft Vise, Leather Clamp Tool for Leatherworking, Sewing, Lacing (14 Inches, Wing Nut Base Locking)


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Do you wish you have a third hand when you hand stitching leathers? It is hard to hold a leather piece with one hand and poke a needle through with another hand. Now this leather stitching pony is the ultimate solution. It securely holds the leather. The wooden vise section can be position to any angle job required. Left handed or right handed? It does not matter. With this stitching horse with adjustable angle vise, you are ambidextrous. The long vise length makes it easy to stitch larger items. The use is as simple as flip up the red lever to open the vise jaw and put the object hold in the middle and put the lever down all the way.

This stitching pony will massively improve your leather stitching skill and expedite your working pace. It can be easily clamped on a work bench. It will make creating keychains, phone cases, wallets, knife sheath, or holster a pleasant experience and yield a more professional result

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