Mandala Crafts Lava Lamp Light Bulb 25 Watt S11 E17 120v Glitter Lamp Bulb - Lava Lamp Replacement Bulb 25w – Dimmable Warm White Lava Light Bulb for Lava Lamp 6-Pack


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Did the bulb in your favorite lava lamp break and you can’t find the right replacement bulb at your local hardware store? Is the wrong bulb wattage making your lava lamp too active or not function at all? This pack of lava lamp light bulbs might be what you’re looking for. This long-lasting, intermediate base bulb emits bright light and runs warm enough to get even the oldest vintage lava lamps back in business. This pack of replacement bulbs for lava lamps with E17 base is suited to fit most standard size lava lamps and gets the lava blobs in your lamp moving in no time.

With this lava light bulb, your lava lamp will run just right just like it did with the original bulb it came with. The intensity of the lamplight will heat up the wax lava in the lamp enough to make it active, but won’t overheat and turn the lava into little clear bubbles that float to the top. It’s exactly the right temperature for the lava lamp to function properly, so you can enjoy your lamp’s funky ambiance without a hitch.

This quality, hard-to-find bulb for lava lamps is great for teens lava lamps, kids’ lava night lights as well as adults looking to relive their hippie days. These bulbs also work great as bubble lamp bulbs, glitter lamp bulbs, appliance bulbs, in desk lamps, wax warmers, as headboard lights, china cabinet lights, hutch lights or curio cabinet lights.

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