Mandala Crafts Large Wooden Buttons for Crafts – Carved Wood Buttons – Assorted Craft Buttons for Sweaters Decorative Buttons Sewing


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Do you feel plastic buttons just miss some chic and organic touch? These decorative sewing buttons made from wood can help. With 2-hole buttons and 4-hole buttons, this kit of wooden fashion buttons is the missing piece to add a pop and retro vintage touch to your sewing projects. The unique wood sewing buttons with decorative cutouts have a consistent rounded design across the front and back and the handmade flat wooden button labels have a smooth back that is easy to sew or glue onto a variety of fabrics. The intricate detail and variety of colors on the unique buttons will make all of your handmade garments look expensive and attractive. These bohemian wood carved buttons also come in a hard case that you can reuse to organize other decorative sewing buttons.

These unique sewing buttons can be utilized on many crafting projects such as clothing decorations for headbands or shawls. Use these beautiful wooden buttons for sewing alongside festive Thanksgiving sewing buttons and rooster buttons on all of your fall knitting and crocheting projects. Start a trend your friends will envy and sew one of these large wooden craft buttons on your homemade gloves, beanies, throw blankets, and other soft furnishings around your home. Unlike small wooden buttons, these cute wood buttons for crafts can also be used to create a bold statement and add character to an art piece, canvas, or sculpture. These fancy wooden floral buttons are sure to lend a different and elegant appearance to whatever you're creating.

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