Mandala Crafts Jean Button Pins for Jeans No Sew – Adjustable Instant Buttons Jean Pins for Jean Button Replacement - Pants Button Pins 17mm 12 Sets Antique Brass 17mm


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Are you tired of wasting money on a new pair of jeans when they become too tight? Are you sick of wearing uncomfortable belts to keep your pants from falling down? These clip on buttons for jeans are the answer! This instant button for pants and jeans set helps eliminate gapping for those whose pants are too loose and can provide extra wiggle room for those who need a few extra inches while still keeping the zipper aligned. Matching virtually any brand of jeans, these jean buttons pins are extremely versatile and can be installed in 5 minutes or less, no tools required. Unlike plastic buttons or elastic extenders that can stretch and break, these jean pins for waist bands are comfortable and will stay in place through all day wear and in the washing machine. Whether your pants become too loose or too tight this adjustable jeans button pin will have you covered! Using these no-sew buttons is as easy as adding an extra button to the left of your original jean button to tighten up the waistband or apply it to the right of the original jean button to extend it. Adjustable jean buttons are essential for those who want to extend the life of their skinny, straight legged, and bootcut dungarees or high waisted mom jeans. If you’re in-between sizes, the button adjuster for pants ensures that your pants always fit perfectly because of their ability to be applied, removed, and reused. Pant pins as small and discreet as these are also perfect for wardrobe malfunctions on the go. Keep one in your car or purse in case of an emergency and never worry about popping buttons on your jeans again.

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