Invisible Clear Sewing Thread from Nylon for Quilting, Dress, Sequin Transparent, 0.12mm 6560 Yards


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Do you feel frustrated trying to find the right thread when you sew a patch on a coat? Is matching colors like a game of mission impossible when you try to seam a quilt? This set of transparent cord is the ultimate solution. The clear texture removes the need to match colors and leaves no obvious trace of stitching. With the naked eye, it is almost impossible to see this thread on a light-colored background.

The thread yields flawless results when used in quilting, sewing, hemming, embroidery, and upholstery. It matches materials from fabric to cowhide. The transparent color blends well when making pillows or quilts. For attaching applique, sequins, or smocking and sewing badges, patches, or buttons on clothes, the result is clean and sharp. It is a handy rescue thread for different special events or occasions when you need to fix a wedding gown or a prom dress at the last moment.

The thread is easier to knot than a fishing line. In crafting or hanging indoor or outdoor light decorations especially from the ceiling, the invisible thread will do magic. When taking photos where a white and clear background is necessary, use this thread to hang items and take photos, and the line will just "melt" into the light background.

About this item

- Monofilament invisible thread made from nylon; Pliable and non-stretch; Hand or machine sewing compatible; Tangle free; Waterproof; Machine washable and dryable; Negates the need to match fabric colors;.

- Great for quilting, sewing, hemming, seaming, hanging light-weight decorations, embroidery, and even photography.

- Easy to work with; Easy to find thread ends; Free copyrighted lotus charm.

- Two spools; Thin thread: 0.12mm; Length per roll: 3000M or 3280 yards; Total length: 6000M or 6560 yards.

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