Mandala Crafts Infrared Heat Lamp Light Bulb for Reptile, Dog, Aquatic Turtle, Chicken, Bearded Dragon, Lizard, Bird, Red 2 Pack 75-Watt

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Are you struggling to keep your pet reptile’s basking spot at the desired temperature? Does your current basking light emit harsh white illumination that bothers your turtle? These basking bulbs with red-tinted glass will help, making your pets happier and healthier. This heat light bulb gives off a surprising amount of heat and creates a calming atmosphere with its warm red light. Our lightbulb works well with most programmable controllers and fits regular E26 size sockets. These heat lamp bulbs keep indoor and outdoor enclosures at appropriate heating temperatures and requires little attention.

These heat light bulbs are compatible with a variety of pet lighting fixtures on aquariums, vivariums, whelping boxes, tanks, terrariums, and plastic or glass vision cages. They provide sufficient lighting for nocturnal viewing, and give off enough heat to keep chameleons, bearded dragons, tropical iguanas, anoles, snakes, tortoises, sliders, frogs, and skinks warm. It is a great heat source for mammals such as mice, rats, hedgehogs, rabbits, sugar gliders, dogs, and cats, especially in the cold winter months. For birds, parrots, chickens, ducks, cockatiels, budgies, parakeets, this warming heat bulb can keep them warm during chilly nights, as well as help with poultry egg hatching and brooding. It is also a great heat source for invertebrate pets such as hermit crabs, tarantulas, hissing roaches, and scorpions. Its applications are so broad that they can also be used as heat lamps for growing delicate greenhouse plants and keeping them warm.

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