Mandala Crafts Himalayan Salt Lamp Replacement Light Bulb for Salt Rock Lamp, Night Light, E12 15-Watt, 12 Pack


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Did the bulb in your favorite salt lamp burn out and you can’t find a replacement at your local hardware store? Is the bulb wattage of the pink salt lamp too high making your rock sweat? With this pack of long-lasting salt lamp replacement bulbs on hand, you can easily replace a burnt-out bulb and indulge in the delectable ambiance of your lamp again without a hitch.

Rock, bowl, or basket salt lamp? It doesn’t matter! These dimmable replacement bulbs universally fit all salt lamps from different makers or with different sizes. These dimmable bulbs are also compatible with the original lamp dimmer that comes with many salt lamps. They emanate a warm, peaceful, soothing glow, creating a serene atmosphere. The perfect amount of heat it emits will heat up the natural salt rock to release negative ions without melting and damaging the furniture underneath your lamp. These mini light bulbs can also be replacement bulbs for nightlights, decorative lamps, wax warmers, and even for some dryers.

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