Mandala Crafts Hem Tape - Iron On Hemming Tape for Pants – No Sew Adhesive Fusing Tape for Fabric Fusion Curtains Pants Clothes


Size: 1/2 Inch 27X2 Yards
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Have you ever had to hem a pair of dress pants with sewing tape on a time crunch? Do you want a professional looking hem job without a trip to a tailor? This iron-on tape has got you covered! This fast, easy-to-use hem iron tape is great for beginners and pros alike, and is the perfect solution if you’re in a hurry, have arthritic fingers, or just plain don't like sewing! The iron tape for hemming holds up well when exposed to moisture, cannot be seen after bonding, and leaves no mark when removed. The installation of the seam tape requires no stitch and is as simple as to cut the iron on fabric tape and iron it on without ever reaching for your sewing machine. The hem fuse tape can also provide temporary hold while sewing and reduce the use of pins. The iron hemming tape for clothes makes garment repairs and alterations easy and you can finally hem pants without sewing. From hemming slacks, sleeves, skirts, blazers, jump suits, pantsuits, shorts, pajamas to gluing fabric patterns to garment, this roll of iron on hem tape for clothes can do it all. The sewing hem tape will also not let you down when being used as fabric tape for upholstery or iron hem tape for curtains. Adjust the length on drapes, blankets, pillow shams, window valances & table cloths as easy as 1-2-3! The iron on fusing tape is super handy to keep around to combine quilting batting, hem table runners, pillows, car seat covers or decorative curtain tiebacks. The usage of this iron on tape for fabric is so broad that it can also make dog collars or horse rain sheets.

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