Mandala Crafts Heavy Duty Picture Hanging Wire from Coated Stainless Steel for Pictures, Mirrors, Frames, Art;


Size: 1mm 328 FT
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Have you ever wondered how museums mount their artwork? Did you get a heavy mirror and not know how to secure it on the wall? This roll of heavy-duty picture hanging wire is the answer. The wire has remarkable tensile strength and is also easy to work with. Instead of wrapping the ends, this wire requires crimping sleeves to be securely fastened to provide worriless strong hold to your mirrors, portraits, or artworks. It retains strength well and will not corrode or discolor. Whether it is used for professional or general household purposes, this spool of stranded and braided stainless steel metal wire will have you covered.

The wire is compatible with other picture hanging kits such as D-rings or supporting hooks. The clear weather-resistant and soft vinyl coating is not only finger friendly but also prevents unraveling. It keeps hands clean, reinforces the wire for extra holding power, and secures knots. For museums, galleries, professional artists, or framing shops, this is a necessary supply for general business needs. For light or heavy-duty uses around houses or offices, this long wire roll is handy to keep in your tool box and will last for several projects. The wire fits both indoor and outdoor uses and could even be used as a clothesline. It can also be used as hangers to hold duct pipes, curtains, bird feeders, clocks, antlers, string lights, plants, or secure appliance parts or fences.

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