Mandala Crafts Hanging Patriotic Paper Lanterns with Lights for Patriotic Decorations American Flag Decorations 4th of July Decorations 12 Inches 10 PCs


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Are you looking for red white blue decorations for a soldier’s welcome home party? Is it frustrating that most patriotic hanging decor made from paper begins to tear the instant you take it out of the package? Do not settle for subpar patriotic hanging decorations. This set of reusable and easy to set up red white and blue Chinese lanterns is the answer. With battery-operated wireless LED lights and C-shaped hooks, these illuminating American flag decorations for home and business are perfect for adding color and charm to any USA themed celebration. The installation for the sturdy party decorations paper lanterns is as simple as putting the wire in and hooking it on. This patriotic decor for the home and business pairs well with other home décor and is also compatible with other low wattage lighting sources. This American flag party décor can easily become the focal point and make patriotic theme parties, political events, red white and blue graduations, patriotic gatherings, or holidays more memorable. With this reusable patriotic home décor, you are completely prepared for July 4th, Labor Day, Memorial Day, and other patriotic occasions. As American flag birthday decor, the paper lantern American flag birthday decorations can easily add texture and patriotic flair. Easy to hang, the paper lantern American flag room decor can be used as a daily ornament for classrooms, homes, businesses to promote the red white and blue spirit.

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