Mandala Crafts Hanging Circle Paper Fan Set for Party, Event, Birthday, Wedding, Tree, Wall, Backdrop Decoration (8, Black Gold Graduation)


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This kit of durable folding fan is designed to add an instant touch to your décor or stick a festive mood to your parties or events. The set is shipped flat and easy to assemble and reuse. The hanging is just as simple as unfolding each one and securing it with a paper clip or peeling the adhesive sticker between the handles to stick the handles together. The looped connected string is handy to hang on trees, ceiling, fences, doors, windows, blinds, light fixtures, bulletin boards, or even cars. It could also stick to a wall without any nails, using double-sided adhesive tape instead.

With the vibrant colors and bold pinwheel design, it will easily become a focal point and add a pop to your events such as themed party, baby shower, birthday, graduation, sports, and holiday celebration. They mix well with other décor and tableware. Using as daily ornaments, they can add texture and glamour to office, bar, clinic, restaurant, basement, church, or classroom. The assortment of the size and bright patterns makes it a perfect photography backdrop or even a headboard décor for a bedroom.

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