Mandala Crafts Grommet Eyelet Kit with Setting Tools for Leather, Fabric, Boots, Tarp Repair, Sewing


Color: Silver Tone
Size: 1/2 Inner Diameter
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Are you about to throw away an old pool cover with ripped off grommets? Do you have to jump through hoops to figure out how to install a replacement grommet? This comprehensive and solid grommet kit will be able to help. The installation is easy, straight-forward, and self-explanatory. With the included tools, you are just a couple hammerings away from salvaging an old tarp with broken eyelets. Compared to aluminum grommets, these solid grommets are more heavy duty. With proper installation, the grommets will seal correctly, leaving no sharp edges. Compatible with a broad selection of fabric, leather, webbings, or even plastic, this solid grommet kit works like a charm to add eyelets for sewing, webbing, upholstering, and DIY crafting projects.

It can easily replace eyelets in shower curtains, backdrops, shades, tapestries, drapes, or hammocks. These circular chrome grommets add a professional quality touch to golf towels, dog collars, key fobs, wallets, holsters, tags, linen napkins, quiet books and much more. These weather-resistant grommets are suitable for outdoor use and will hold up well as eyelets in tents, flags, frost blankets, or bike frame bags.

For clothing, this grommet set can reinforce holes on motorcycle chaps, corsets, shorts, shoes, boots, cowboy hats, jackets, belts, and hoodies. These grommets’ endless applications are so versatile that they can even be used on face masks as a strap eyelet.

About this item

  • Grommet kit made from nickel-plated brass-based alloy metal; Lead free; Durable and sturdy; Rust and weather proof; Suitable for indoor and outdoor use; Smooth edge and surface
  • Eyelet kit for repairing tarps, tents, boat, car, and RV covers, hanging tapestries, hammocks, backdrops, shades, screens, DIY crafting golf towels, adding eyelets to webbing, belts, bags, luggage tags, dog collars, fashion clothing, corsets, boots, shoes, and drawstring hoodies
  • Easy to install eyelet repair kit; Installation instructions included; Works with grommet machine; Compatible with cotton, leather, denim, fleece, vinyl, plastic, linen, and cowhides
  • Grommet tool kit included; Mandrel with non-slip design for secure grip, hole punch and setter; Plastic storage box
  • Bulk packaging; 100 sets of round grommets with 1 eyelet and 1 washer

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