Ganesha Tibetan Prayer Flags Outdoor Large Lungta Nepalese Prayer Flags Ganesh Prayer Flag Banner 6 X 7 Inches 5 FT Long


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These Lord Ganesha or Ganesh prayer flags are made in Kathmandu, Nepal. 100% cotton and hand sewn. These traditional flags are printed with images of Ganesh, which is the deity of fortune in Tibetan and Hindu religion. Tibetan Prayer Flags are hung high in the mountains on Tree Tops, Bridges, Roof Top, Outside Monasteries, holy sites or places where you can catch the wind. The purpose is to bring Peace and Good Luck spread by the wind blowing through them; they are commonly referred to as Peace Flags or Lungta (Lung Ta,) which is the the Wind Horse often pictured on them.

- Tibet prayer flags outdoor made in Tibet camp in Nepal; Vinayaka cotton Tibetan prayer flags on a polyester-nylon blend string; Durable and sturdy; Lightweight and colorfast; Raw unhemmed edges; Pre-strung and easy to hang; Fit for indoor and outdoor uses.

- Ganapati prayer flags for home and business decoration for patios, walls, gardens, driveways, fences, porches, yards, and rooms; Handmade Tibetan Buddha prayer flags for altars, gifts, or bohemian décor for yoga studios, parties, and meditation rooms.

- Handmade Tibetan prayer flags for spreading peace, compassion, strength, wisdom love, blessings, and goodwill.

- Authentic Tibetan prayer flags cotton wind horse with five vibrant colors that symbolize the sky (blue), air (white), fire (red), water (green), and earth (yellow); Ironable Himalayan prayer flags hand printed with traditional woodblocks.

- Long prayer flag string for easy hanging; Long prayer flags: about 5 ft; Size: 6 x 7inches.

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