Mandala Crafts G9 Halogen Light Bulb with Looped 2 Pin Base T4 Type 25-Watt 120 Volt Dimmable Warm White Pack of 10


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Did the mini G9 light bulb in your lighting fixture go out and finding a replacement at a local hardware store seems impossible? Do you want to stop constantly buying and replacing bulbs? With this set of long-lasting G9 halogen light bulbs on standby, you can easily replace a shorted-out bulb and resume your peaceful nights. No more frequent light bulb changes, no more combing your local hardware store for this hard-to-find bulb. This set of reliable tubular shaped bulbs are just as good as the originals and even exceed them in quality and longevity. Do not be fooled by its tiny appearance: these small G9 capsule bulbs with a crystal clear glass shield provide sharp, bright, and vivid illumination. The tungsten filaments used are thicker than those in xenon bulbs for a longer life span and give off less heat radiation and glare. Installation is easy, and the bulb will slide right into compatible sockets.

The long-lasting G9 halogen bulbs are handy to keep around the house as they fit a variety of lighting fixtures in kitchens, halls, bathroom vanities, living rooms, bedrooms, and covered porches. These dimmable G9 bulbs can be replacement bulbs for compatible craft lamps, desk lamps, touch lamps, or floor lamp. They’re great, hard to find replacement bulbs for some ceiling fans, under-cabinet lights, sconce lights, and built-in shelf accent lights. The applications of these low-light mini bulbs are so versatile that they also fit some reptile enclosure lights, vent hoods, microwaves, and stoves.

  • G9 120v bulbs made from metal, glass, and thick tungsten filaments; Mercury free; Long-lasting and durable; Flickering and buzzing noise free; Dimmable with 360-degree omnidirectional illumination
  • Replacement G9 socket bulb for chandeliers, pendant lights, under cabinet lights, sconce lights, desk lamps, floor lamps, touch lamps, compatible reptile hood lighting fixtures and small consumer appliances such as range hoods, microwaves, and ovens
  • T4 bulb type G9 bulb with two looped prongs; Yellowish warm white glow 2700K; G9 light bulb with long lifespan: around 2,000 hours or 1.8 years based on 3 hours of use per day; 230 Lumens; Voltage: 110V, 120V, 130V; 25W; CRI 100
  • G9 bulbs in bulk wholesale packaging; Pack of 10; Overall bulb size: 40 X 13mm; Distance between two pins: 9mm
  • Individually packed G9 halogen bulb to safe shipping and easy storage; 90 days no questions asked money back guarantee; Please measure the bulb size especially the prong distance carefully for sure fitness

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