Mandala Crafts Faux Eucalyptus Garland Artificial Green Vines - Fake Greenery Garland Sage Green Decor Leaf Garland - Silver Dollar Eucalyptus Leaves for Wedding 2 PCs

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Is it difficult keeping up with the costs and maintenance of real eucalyptus garland? Are you looking for a faux greenery garland that renders a realistic look? This fake eucalyptus vine garland is exactly what you need. Looking just like natural eucalyptus garland, this small eucalyptus garland negates the hassle of watering and pesky insects. Made from tough plastic vines and silk leaves, this artificial greenery garland with natural shades of frost green is designed to replicate the look and feel of a real eucalyptus green vine. This eucalyptus swag with iron wires is pliable and easy to twist into different shapes, suspend from a multitude of objects, and decorate year round. This greenery eucalyptus pairs well with roses, magnolias, sunflowers, or hydrangeas for extravagant cascading bouquets. Perfect for indoor and outdoor decor, this eucalyptus greenery fake garland will not damage in water, wilt in the heat, or freeze in the cold. Whether it's being used as curtain embellishment or as table garland for your Christmas decorations, this green garland eucalyptus bundle makes perfect green garland decor to create a warm and inviting feel in your home. The strands and green leaves of the farmhouse garland eucalyptus strands can be held with cable ties or floral tape to spruce up lattices, bookcases, headboards, wreaths, or desks. You can also hang this leaf garland decoration from handrails, balconies, fireplaces, terraces, fences, pergolas, and swing sets. For classic occasions or special events, this lush and long eucalyptus garland elegant for romantic cake and cheese board set-ups, adorning archways and awnings, or making flower arrangements appear fuller. The uses of this eucalyptus leaves garland is so versatile, it can even be used to conceal exposed wires.

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