Mandala Crafts Eyelet Trim with Grommets Cotton Twill Tape - Black Grommet Tape Eyelet Tape for Sewing - 1 Inch 3 Yards Eyelet Strips by The Yard


Color: Gold on Black
Size: 1 Inch 3 Yards
Sale price$13.99
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Are you still handmaking grommet tape? Is the corset lacing tape you use too coarse and hard to string? This roll of eyelet fabric trim is exactly what you need! No more tedious grommet punching. Made from 100% cotton twill tape and tarnish-free stainless-steel eyelets, these readymade grommet strips for sewing with steady grommets are comfortable to the touch and huge time saver. The grommets on the eyelet tape by the yard are all steadily mounted and evenly spaced. The pliable twill tape with wide sew-in sides is very easy to cut and sew and compatible with different materials ranging from textile to leather. With the long packing length included, the eyelet grommet tape will last for several seaming or lacing projects. The eyelet tape trim is the trick to add a unique and chic touch to a sewing project. A strand of the metal eyelet tape on necklaces or sleeves will make the clothes instantly stand out. From embellishing a lace up tee, adjusting a dress back, to creating a waist cincher or bustier, this sewing eyelet tape can do it all. Easily insert a drawcord, and the trim eyelet twill tape can build corsets with ease. For crafting, the eyelet grommet tape accentuates handbags and makes trendy jewelry pieces. The fabric grommet tape is also convenient to keep around the house for decorating or creating handmade draperies and curtains for homes, campers or mobile RVs. With endless possibilities, this amazing grommet tape roll is truly one-of-a-kind.

  • Grommet eyelet tape trim made from cotton and stainless steel; Sturdy eyelet ribbon; Soft eyelet strips by the yard; Rust-resistant ribbon grommets; Colorfast grommet lace trim; Washable grommet sewing tape; Lead-free eyelet tape for sewing
  • Grommet tape for clothing necklines; Eyelet grommet trim for sleeves; Cotton eyelet trim by the yard for dresses, tops, shorts, skirts, trousers, garters, belts, shoes and bags; Lace up eyelet ribbon trim for corset tape, costume and lingerie
  • Black grommet trim for DIY crafting; Sew on grommet tape eyelet tape for jewelry making; Black eyelet lace trim for bracelets, chokers; Black grommet tape for curtain; Drapery grommet tape for décor; Comfort-to-the-touch black trim with grommets
  • Black fabric eyelet trim is easy to sew or cut; Black grommet ribbon compatible with denim, lace, linen, cotton, satin, knit and leather; Black grommet eyelet strip can be easily strung with drawcord; Continuous black eyelet trim for sewing

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