Mandala Crafts E27 3W Freemason Lightbulb Freemason Gifts for Men - Scottish Rite Shriners Prince Hall Masonic Gifts for Men – Freemason Square and Compass Emblem Light Bulb for Lodge Altar Decor

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This light bulb with the Masonic square and compasses sign is aesthetically appealing and mainly decorative, but still functional as a dim light bulb. The freemason emblem symbol in the middle lights up and yields soft warm light. This well-made Freemason novelty bulb is a cool addition to altar, wall, or lodge decor and will add flair to your party.

As a whimsical piece of Masonic art, this light is a good conversation piece. This unique small dim light bulb is a thoughtful gift especially for those who are really hard to shop for. For a Freemason, Scottish Rite, Shriner, or someone who is interested in Masonic stuff , this unique and interesting gift will definitely make the recipient smile.

The solid bulb has great visual attractiveness to decorate your desk, study, or be used as a decorative hanging or string light. For business, this unique product can be made into freemasonic collectibles or novelty merchandises.

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