Mandala Crafts Crimp Beads for Jewelry Making – Bead Stopper Crimping Beads for Jewelry Making and Beading - Bead Crimping Kit


Color: 3 Assorted Colors
Size: 1.5mm 2mm Tube
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This lot of round-shaped seamless crimp beads with bright color is indispensable supplies for beading, jewelry & card making, sewing, or crafting. With a pair of micro crimpers, bead crimpers, bent nosed, or regular pliers with pointy tips, it can be installed just as easy as a pinch. Most ends are cut real clean without sharp edges and burs. Although these beads are not heavy duty, they are strong enough for crafting and jewelry making needs. They are compatible with a variety of stringing or cording materials such as threads, nylon strings, and metal wires. The beads are securely packed in a plastic box with a different compartment for each color and size. Due to the different sizes, colors, and bulk wholesale packaging quantity, this long-lasting assortment will save you an unplanned trip to the craft store.

The metal used is not very thick but does not split easily so it is easy to crimp while keeping the wire or cord in place. It is super practical to use it in bracelet, necklace, earrings, charm, or suncatcher creations to cover a knot, end a line of beads, or finish a string. It is very easy to attach closures such as jump rings or clasps. If you are into jewelry making or bead weaving, these lightweight but sturdy findings are a necessity especially for seed jewelry. No matter if you use it as closures, stoppers, or spacers, these beads with uniform size and shape will get you covered.

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