Mandala Crafts Crimp Bead Cover, Knot Cover Cap Mixed Kit for Jewelry Making (Copper, Antique Bronze, Gunmetal, Gold, Silver, Platinum Tone, 3mm 4mm 700 PCs)


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Do you feel the finished look of a jewelry piece depends on small details? The difference between a professional jeweler and an amateur sometimes is just an exposed knot or crimp tube. With this assorted set of crimp cover beads, you will be able to make jewelry like a pro. Simply slip the crimp cover over the crimp or knot and pinch it with a pair of crimp pliers, and you will be able to add the perfect finishing touch to your design. The container provided has compartments for different colors, which will help keep your workspace organized. The bulk quantity should last for several projects.

The color of the bead cover blends in well and will not overshadow the jewelry design. They are compatible with jewelry made from stone, metal, pearl, glass, or leather. For DIY crafts such as charm or keychain making, it is also an effective way to seal off the knot.

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