Mandala Crafts Clasp Crimp Jump Ring Screw Back Earring Hook Jewelry Making Finding Supplies Clear Box Starter Kit (Earring Hooks with Balls Coils Jump Rings)


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No matter you are a jewelry artist, DIY hobbyist, or in the need of repairing your lovely jewelry pieces, this organized and holistic Mandala Crafts set is handy to keep. With almost all universal earring finding supplies in different sizes sorted in a clear box, this accessory kit is perfect for jewelry creations or repairs. You will finally be able to find the right replacements or components to dissemble broken jewelry items, add charms to existing pieces, or make an orphaned earring into a necklace.

Color: Gold, Silver, and Bronze Size and Approximate Quantity:
Crimp Beads: 2mm, 300;
Earring Hooks: 20mm, 75;
Lobster Clasps: 6 X 12mm, 105;
Screw Eye Pins: 10mm, 210;
Open jump rings: 7mm, 300; 5mm, 750;
Head Pins: 22mm, 210;
Clear Rubber Bullet Earring Backs: 200;
Gold bullet Clutch Earring Backs with Pad: 30;
Bronze Butterfly Earring Backs: 100;

  • Made from alloy; Durable; Lead-free; Rust resistant coating;
  • Bulk Supplies: Five colors: Platinum, silver, gold, light gold, and gunmetal; About 1150 PCs; About 150 earring hooks (About 30 hooks for each color); About 1000 5mm open jump rings (About 200 rings for each color); Free copyrighted lotus charm;
  • Versatile: Earring, necklace, and bracelet making and repairing, or beading for beginners and professionals;
  • Container case with clutches and dividers; Easy to arrange pieces packed in small bags;

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