Mandala Crafts Car Anti-Theft Security Surveillance Camera Audio Video Recording Front Adhesive Window Sticker Decal


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Do you know there is a nearly $6 billion loss nationwide from motor vehicle thefts? The average loss per incident is $7,708. Do you know if you are a ride share driver and have a in-car camera for video and audio recording, you are required to notify or alert the passengers in many states? These stickers are made from thick vinyl material and printed with UV-protected ink will be able to help. They are easy to put on or take off without using a razor or leaving slimy residue on the window. And most importantly, they stick on the inside of the car window and the vibrant colored writing faces outside, which will make it last way longer than the back-adhesive ones. These authentic looking stickers can easily stick to surfaces such as glass or acrylic and hold up well. The sticker size is big enough to catch attention and the vibrant yellow writing stands out and gets the message across loud and clear.

Studies show burglars prefer easy targets and would rather go for a car without a camera. People behave differently when they are aware of the existence of a car camera and believe they will be held accountable for their behavior. Whether or not you have a real or fake car camera installed, it is always important to make people believe they are monitored to ward off would-be thieves and prevent pesky behaviors of other ride share drivers and passengers.

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