Mandala Crafts Bobbin Clips - Bobbin Holders Bobbin Clamps for Embroidery Quilting Sewing Thread Pack of 40


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Does it take forever to find the correct thread bobbin in a disorganized thread storage box? These bobbin holder clamps are the answer. No more trying to catch rolling bobbins on the ground. Designed for a pleasant sewing experience, these functional little bobbin clips holder clamps organize bobbin threads and keep bobbin storage tidy, neat, and secure. The bobbin spool clips with assorted fun sheer colors enable you to conveniently distinguish sewing thread spools based on personal need and preference. Easily your most treasured sewing essential, these sewing machine bobbin clips simplify the stitching process. The installation is as easy as aligning the opening and firmly clamping on the bobbins. The small reusable plastic bobbin clips are portable and easy to store in machine cabinet drawer trays and stash boxes for easy carrying, travel, and storage.

These bobbin holder clips are perfect for securing a variety of sewing spools for cross-stitching, knitting, sewing, embroidering, or intricate threadwork, ensuring your thread remains mess and knot-free. The bobbin clip holder does not touch the thread but rather the bobbin itself so that you can rotate the bobbin within the sewing bobbins clips and hide the ends inside of it. Different from metal or rubber wrap thread clips for bobbins, these transparent mini sewing gadgets make the thread color visible with colorful sewing bobbin clips attached. They can stand up in 3 different angles and connect in a couple of different variations. The bobbin buddies are practical and also add a decorative touch to sewing tables and thread racks. These sewing bobbin holder clips also make wonderful gifts for family members, friends, neighbors, and colleagues who are into sewing and crafting.

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