Mandala Crafts Adjustable Small Hose Clamp Assortment - 0.25 to 1.5 - Worm Gear Hose Clamps Stainless Steel Hose Clamps Assortment Kit for Water Pipe Plumbing Automotive Fuel Line 60 PCs

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Did your spring band hose clamp loose tension over time and create a leak? Were you confused by how to install a crimp hose clamp without a special tool? This stainless steel hose clamp kit is exactly what you need. With traditional screw tightening mechanisms, the reusable stainless pipe clamp clasps are easy to install and remove. The strong hose clamps ensure a tight and firm hold for accommodating a wide range of applications. The stainless steel adjustable clamp is free of sharp edges. Simply pick an appropriate-sized warm gear clamp, position as you see fit, and with a straight-blade or flathead screwdriver, tighten or loosen the steel clamp. The worm drive clamp will reduce in diameter as the worm drive is tightened and once the ring clamp is locked, you can easily cut the excess. Unlike other worm clamps, these stainless steel pipe clamps have a deep slot for minimizing risk or damage. No more running to stores to get heater hose clamps or gas line hose clamps during your next project. From clinching hoses and downspouts to fixing PVC pipes and poles, this hose clamps assorted kit will have you covered. The worm gear hose clamp assorted kit is handy to keep around house. No matter whether it is being used as plumbing clamp clips or garden water hose clamps for dishwasher or pool pumps, these stainless screw clamps will get the job done like a pro. They can also be used as sprinkler hose clamps that will not leak or rupture. For car enthusiasts or technicians, these automotive hose clamps are useful to keep around and use as exhaust clamps, radiator clamps, sewer clamps, or auto fuel line clamps. For boats, the marine grade stainless clamps are great for securing pipes and tubes. The uses of the pipe hose clamp kit are so versatile, they can even be used to hold snorkels, water purifiers, and even chicken coops.

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