Mandala Crafts 18 Gauge Bendable Anodized Aluminum Wire - Flat Aluminum Wire for Rings –Soft Aluminum Wire for Jewelry Making Sculpting Armature Craft Bezel Wire Wrap


Color: Blue
Size: 3mm 33 Feet
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This malleable yet durable flat wire without sharp edges is perfect for wrapping, bending, and shaping. It can be easily hammered and stamped. The wire hardens nicely with a chasing hammer. The bright and fine anodized color does not flake off when bending or smashing as long as coated tools are used. The moldable wire bends easily but is stiff and strong enough to hold its shape once you learn how to form it well. You can straighten or bend the wire by hand or cut the wire with easily with either scissors or wire cutters.

The creative uses of this lightweight and easy to form wire is only limited by your imagination. The finger friendly wire is easy to twist or create spirals. It is great for repairing jewelry, starting an artistic DIY project, and teaching a beginner how to wire wrap and shape.

For jewelry making, the wire can be wrapped around gemstones or made into earrings, necklaces, band rings, and bangle bracelets. For crafting, this hobby craft wire can be shaped into wreaths, hangers, coasters, picture frames & holders, sun catchers, sculptures, napkin rings, letters, mesh, ornaments, bird feeders, doll frames, and decorative embellishments. It can also be used in costume making or as a supporting brim for sunhats. From framing a mirror, creating a light fixture, to decorating a Christmas tree, this half hard aluminum wire has you covered. Other applications include fence binding, floral arrangements, and even yard art creations.

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