100 Yards 2.65mm Wide Jewelry Making Flat Micro Fiber Lace Faux Suede Leather Cord


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This roll of faux suede leather cord is very similar to real leather suede cord, but it is even stronger, more durable, and comes in many nifty colors. It does not have the inconsistencies, odors, and flaws in real Greek or cowhide leather. The surface has a velvet feel. It is a great and hard-to-find vegan-friendly alternative for flat leather cord.

For crafting, this cord is perfect to create dream catchers, tassels, key chains, ornaments, or even wrist straps for walking sticks. It is easy to cut or knot, but durable and strong enough for braiding and pulling. It can be used for wrapping, decorating, or to lace an ornament. It yields rich looking results when used in costume or clothes making and when used as shoe strings. It could even be used to restring the strap of a purse.

The smooth microfiber fabric material of this cord mimics the look of deerskin leather lacing, without harming animals. This luxurious cord is commonly used in contemporary jewelry making or beading due to its durability. It can be made into lanyards, necklaces, or team, friendship, essential oil diffuser, and kumihimo braided bracelets.

The amount of cordage in one roll is enough for several projects. Whether you run a business or are just a hobbyist, this handy roll of cord has many applications.

- Faux suede lace made from micro fiber; Strong and durable; Feels and looks like real lace leather; Soft with a velvet feel; Colorfast, bleeding free, and does not irritate skin; Fray-resistant; Washable and odorless; Comfortable to touch and easy to clean.

- Faux leather string for jewelry making and beading; Jewelry cord for Kumihimo bracelets, wrap bracelets, friendship bracelets, earrings, and anklets; Necklace cords for pendants, necklace, and chokers; Imitation leather cord compatible with various jewelry findings; Faux beading leather cord for light and heavy beads such as lava, ceramic, stone, crystal, metal, and pony beads.

- Faux leather laces for crafts, braiding, macramé, upholstery, decorating, wrapping, weaving, sewing, scrapbooking, gift wrapping, and hanging; Craft cord for suede tassels, lanyards, ornaments, keychains, bookmarks, and zipper pulls; Dream catcher string for dreamcatchers and sun catchers; Leather craft lace for baseball gloves and hair accessories.

- Faux leather ribbon for garment and apparel accessories; Faux leather lace for vests, wallets, handbags, and boat shoe shoelaces, hat strings, handbags, fringes, face mask tiebacks, and costume; Non stretch faux leather cording is easy to tie, knot and cut.

- Faux flat leather cord in bulk; Spool of faux suede leather cord with continuous length and consistent shape; 1mm thick 2.64mm wide; 91.5MM or 100 yards long faux suede cord; Continuous flat faux leather rope.

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