Mandala Crafts 100 PCs Floral Wire Stems – 16 Inches Flower Wire for Crafts Flower Arrangement - Florist Wire for Floral Stems


Color: Green
Size: 18 Gauge 1mm
Sale price$9.99
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Do your florist wires keep peeling when bending? With paper covered floral wires, the coating will inevitably come off. Do not let subpar floral wires create unhappy customers! This set of durable vinyl covered wires is way more reliable than paper covered flower wires and the coating will not peel off. All wires are precut straight and you never need to painfully cut and straighten it like you do with a spool roll.

For flower arrangements, these floral wires are inconspicuous and can be twisted easily without fracturing. Tying up bouquets and creating boutonnieres or corsages cannot be easier. The wires are also great for using as stem wires or paddle wires to create paper flowers, crepe flowers, or gum-paste flowers. It's very easy to attach leaves or wrap floral tape around the wires. The wires are sturdy enough to not break under stress and flexible enough to shape for a cascading effect. With this florist wire set on hand, you never need to dig around the garage for wires to attach flowers or foliage to your homemade wreaths or garlands. It can also easily hang ornaments or light items. The applications are so versatile that the wire can even be used to make armature, to bead, or to make jewelry.

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