Leather Strap Cowhide Leather Strip for Bags, Drawer Pulls, Jewelry Making, DIY Crafting; by Mandala Crafts


Color: Black
Size: 1/2 Inch Wide 72 Inches Long
Sale price$16.99
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Have you noticed how important the leather quality is for a crafting project? Low-end PU leather strips almost immediately cheapen the appearance of the final product. If you are looking for genuine leather strip with superior durability and great visual appeal, this roll of genuine buffalo hide leather belting is the one. The sturdy yet soft leather strip made from top grain leather is thick with great tensile strength. It ages well and is easy to customize, cut, punch holes, or stamp.

This durable genuine leather strapping is not easy to scratch. The hardy leather is great for ranch equipment or leather tool repair. For crafty people, it is a great leathercraft accessory to make leashes, collars, journals, watchbands, and bag or guitar straps. Use it to replace chest or basket handles or briefcase straps. You will be surprised by the chic and elegant flare it can add to your designs. The pliable leather strap is also great for wrapping. Work with your teens together and wrap that worn off baseball bat handle with this cowhide strap and have some bonding time together. The leather ribbon is also great for fashion designing such as creating hat bands, belts, boots, wallets, suspenders or costumes. The applications are so broad that it is also great craft leather for making jewelry such as chokers, necklaces, bracelets, or even cuffs.

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